Our Classic Menu

Cheese Pide

This deliciously simple Cheese Pide makes you enjoy the full taste of sourdough crust with the oozing mozzarella.

Add Bacon, Egg or Sucuk Options

You can add Bacon and Eggs for a classic Breakfast option or you can add Sucuk (Turkish Chorizo) for a more authentic Turkish flavour.


Vegan Pide

A pide made with fresh seasonal and local produce topped with almond slices and fried shallots. No imitation, just vegan.

Vegetarian Option

You can turn your Vegan pide into a vegetarian goodness by adding some creamy feta cheese.

Mince & Cheese Pide

A classic crispy Turkish flatbread with lamb mince, topped with sumac-red onion salad and isot pepper.

Addictive and full of flavor. 

Steak & Cheese Pide

A pide classic made with a beef mixture full of Turkish flavors and oozy mozzarella.